Asian Pacific Islander (API) Network


This is the official website for the UNT Asian Pacific Islander (API) Network; a UNT Employee Resource Group (ERG whose status is maintained by Faculty Success under the Office of the Provost). 

API is a simplified yet common acronym. However, if members are joining because of self-identification, please note there are numerous relevant acronyms of interest. For example:
1. API-DA which expands attention to all of Asia with the term "Desi-Americans," and "West Asians."
2. API-MENA which includes the "Middle East" and North Africa. These are typically excluded in traditional demographic data based on the current census. 

Employees at UNT are welcome to create or join other groups as there will be both overlapping and completely unique identities within this group. We are just one option to connect, learn from each other, and foster belonging at UNT: in and outside of the API Network. 


Participation is opt-in and voluntary. Volunteer coordinators are required to maintain ERG status, and help is needed. Meetings and events rely on members engagement. Please note on the membership form if you are willing to assist in a volunteer coordinator capacity.  

Please complete the API Network membership form to join.

Thank you for your interest and to our members, and volunteer coordinators who have served so far!