Faculty Mentoring

 The UNT Faculty Mentoring Program provides new faculty with support and resources for successful academic careers. UNT is committed to a culture of mentoring excellence in all areas that impact faculty life, and building a network of mentors is foundational to our success. The early years of a faculty member’s career are the most critical because new hires need advice about career development, teaching, service, and resource opportunities. To help faculty transition into their new roles and strengthen connections across campus departments, the UNT Faculty Mentoring Program provides new faculty with professional and social support.

The UNT Faculty Mentoring Program has three components: one-on-one-mentoring, which is the traditional pairing of an experienced faculty member with an early career faculty member within the same discipline; cross-disciplinary mentoring teams provide additional mentoring and networking opportunities outside of the new faculty members’ departments; and the mentoring grant program provides funds to support mentoring efforts by any full-time faculty member across all ranks. The UNT Faculty Mentoring Program is committed to supporting faculty research and teaching, as well as being dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and engagement. For more information please read the UNT Faculty Mentoring Guidebook.

UNT's Faculty Mentoring Program is based in part on programming developed by the Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.