Mentoring Events and Trainings


Students walking outside the UNT UnionThe UNT Faculty Mentoring Program provides new faculty with support and resources for successful academic careers. UNT is committed to a culture of mentoring excellence in all areas that impact faculty life, and building a network of mentors is foundational to our success.

Mentoring Luncheons and Workshops

We believe that a university culture that provides effective mentoring to early career faculty makes each of us better.Each fall we provide training for senior faculty who have volunteered to serve as mentors, and we host a luncheon to honor and thank those who have made this important commitment. View the Faculty Success calendar to see our upcoming mentoring events and workshops.

One-on-One LunchesEagle Landing birds eye view

Looking for a way to connect with your mentor or mentee? Faculty Success provides each mentoring pair a complimentary one-on-one lunch every year. Contact us at and arrange a time for your complimentary lunch at one of our on-campus dining facilities!