Srinagar Burushaski by Dr. Sadaf Munshi

Congratulations to Linguistics Department Chair, Dr. Sadaf Munshi on the release of her new book "Srinagar Burushaski: A Descriptive and Comparative Account with Analyzed Texts"

UNT Appoints New College of Engineering Dean

UNT Provost Jennifer Cowley said. “Dr. Huang brings with him a wealth of research and educational experience in mechanical and nuclear engineering that will help him in guiding and supporting our faculty and student researchers in their own work at UNT. I’m looking forward to what UNT’s College of Engineering will achieve under his leadership.”

The LGBT Faculty Network

The LGBT Faculty Network group is a UNT-supported group that provides a welcoming environment for LGBT Faculty to meet and share their experience with supportive members to promote faculty success by fostering peer-to-peer and group mentoring of faculty of all ranks.  In addition to informal discussion and social gathering meetings, the group also invites speakers and organizes focus-groups and retreats to promote the success of LGBT faculty members....

Join Us for How to Write Winning Grant Proposals Workshop!!

Join us and presenter Warren Burggren, University Distinguished Research Professor for a GREAT workshop on How to Write a Winning Grant Proposal! Learn effective tips for developing a budget, organizing a proposal, creating an exciting narrative, and the submission process!

Faculty Writing Retreats

The Faculty Writing Group aims to enhance and boost research activity for all UNT faculty. We hold periodic mini writing retreats and seminars throughout the semester to support each other in writing projects. Each month, all day writing retreats are held in CHEM 334 from 8 am to 5 pm with breakfast and lunch provided. Seminars and reading materials on writing are periodically provided throughout the semester.

Spring 2019 SMART Talk to Feature Dr. Rebecca Dickstein

This spring, the College of Science is excited to host the University of North Texas' third-ever SMART Talk, featuring Dr. Rebecca Dickstein. Dr. Dickstein is an influential researcher, member of the BioDiscovery Institute, and UNT professor of biochemistry and molecular biology. In her eighteen years at the University, twenty-seven graduate and postdoc students and more than fifty undergraduates have conducted research toward their degrees in her lab. 

Dr. Dhru Mukherjee Receives India Venture Fund Award for Students to Study Mental Health Practices in Mumbai

Students in the University of North Texas College of Health and Public Service (HPS) will travel to India this summer with Dr. Dhru Mukherjee, associate professor of social work for the Joint Masters of Social Work Program, to study the country’s delivery of mental health services. The project is sponsored by UNT International’s India Venture Fund 2019.