Faculty Workshops

Faculty Success hosts a wide range of faculty workshops throughout the academic year, both individually and in partnership with Student Success, International Affairs, Resarch and Innovation, and UNT's colleges and schools. Learn more about our workshops and check our calendar for upcoming sessions!

Teaching Development Workshops

Professional Faculty Promotion Workshop

All lecturers and clinical assistants seeking promotion are encouraged to attend this informal Q&A session to learn more about the process. Unit administrators and support staff who assist in the process are strongly encouraged to attend as well. Watch a recording of the Spring 2023 Professional Faculty Promotion Workshop.

Promotion and Tenure Workshop

Faculty Success typically hosts two promotion and tenure workshops each year, moderated by senior academic administrators such as the vice provost for faculty success, the provost and the president. Learn more about promotion and tenure at UNT, guidelines and deadlines on our website and within your college or school. Watch a recording of the Spring 2022 Tenure and Promotion Workshop.

Mid-Career Promotion Workshop

Earning tenure is certainly a noteworthy milestone, but it is important to think beyond this milestone to a next one – promotion to professor (and even greater success as a faculty member). Each year, a panel of senior faculty members shares ideas on pathways to success, and how to begin planning and preparing now for this next step.

Getting Engaged Internationally

Are you considering leading students on a study abroad experience? Looking for avenues to further your research collaborations with colleagues in other countries? Thinking about hosting a J-1 scholar in your department? These and other topics are explored in Getting Engaged Internationally.

UNT International Affairs provides resources and training for study abroad programs, scholarships and grants to support international exchanges, and Fulbright opportunities for faculty. Watch our calendar for co-sponsored events and workshops!