In the spring of 2018, Academic Affairs administered The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey, requesting responses from more than 1,100 full-time faculty members – lecturers, clinical, and tenured and tenure-track – in every college. We received an excellent response rate of 56%. 

The COACHE survey is a powerful tool for faculty and academic  leaders at UNT to gain insight into the quality of work/life/career experiences for our faculty. Respondents are asked specific questions about a number of key determinants, including: the clarity and reasonableness of the tenure process; integration and balance of work/personal responsibilities; workload and support for teaching and research; climate, culture and collegiality on campus; global satisfaction and compensation and benefits. Insights gained from COACHE allow us to measure progress towards our university goal of being a best place to work. With thousands of faculty members participating in the survey nationwide, UNT is able to gauge its faculty members’ satisfaction in the context of data from peer institutions to highlight areas of both strength and need for improvement. The survey results shed light on actionable issues facing faculty, which informs both policy and programming to improve quality of life for faculty at UNT as we strive to be a best place to work. 

Survey Results

The 2018 Provost’s Executive Summary of the COACHE survey is available for review as are the Steering Committee's Recommendations. A few highlights are included below. 

Next Steps

Designed to generate not simply “interesting” data, but actionable diagnoses, we are organizing to take act on the results. We received our survey results in the Summer of 2018. During Fall 2018, a COACHE Priority Setting Task Force was convened to analysis the detailed results and develop recommendations. The task force brought together faculty and academic leaders to advance our mutual goal of maximizing the impact of the data in advancing UNT as a best place to work by determining which areas will be addressed first and next steps. Professor Lee Walker led the task force and prepared the recommendations which were released in June, 2019. The recommendations can be found at: /2018-19-coachesurvey

Results were disseminated to Faculty Senate, Department Chairs, Deans, and other Academic Leaders, as part of an active effort to engage our leadership in discussions about how we can work together to improve the work environment for our faculty. Implementation efforts are underway. Successes include the establishment of parental modification of duties, expansion of faculty support services at Discovery Park, expansion of workload reporting in the Faculty Information System, increased grant writing workshops, search committee training, and diversity training, 

Please refer to the Faculty Success website for results of previous COACHE surveys.