2021 COACHE Survey

UNT is in the process of conducting its 2024 COACHE survey. Visit the Faculty Success website to learn more and see the 2024 COACHE Steering Committee.

In the spring of 2021, Faculty Success administered The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey, requesting responses from more than 1,100 full-time faculty members — lecturers, clinical, and tenured and tenure-track — in every college. 62% of our full-time faculty responded to the COACHE 2021 survey, and of those, 53% completed the survey for a 84% retention rate, which was higher than any of our five comparison universities: Louisiana State University, University of Central Florida, University of North Carolina–Charlotte, University of Tennessee, and University of Texas at Arlington (47%) and the larger COACHE cohort (43%). Overall, scores indicated an improvement over the 2018 COACHE survey.

The COACHE survey is a powerful tool for faculty and academic leaders at UNT to gain insight into the quality of workplace experiences for our faculty. Insights gained from COACHE allow us to measure progress towards our university goal of being a best place to work. With thousands of faculty members participating in the survey nationwide, UNT is able to gauge its faculty members’ satisfaction in the context of data from peer institutions to highlight areas of both strength and need for improvement. The survey results yield actionable issues facing faculty, which informs both policy and programming to improve quality of life for faculty at UNT as we strive to be a best place to work.

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Comprised of faculty representing tenure-system and professional ranks, the COACHE Steering Committee  reviewed the survey data, identified areas to explore through focus groups, and then triangulated data to create reports on clusters of the twenty-five (25) benchmarks of faculty satisfaction of their quality of workplace experiences. Based on the survey data, we conducted five (5) focus groups to explore the experiences of full professor engagement, interdisciplinary work, non-tenure-track faculty experiences, and underrepresented minority faculty (defined as Hispanic and Black/African American faculty).

The results and findings are further delineated on the linked webpages. Reports will also be presented and shared broadly to faculty, leadership, and administrators for discussion and feedback.

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