2013 SFE Award Winners

Award recipients were recognized at the annual Salute to Faculty Excellence Awards Dinner and Celebration on September 27, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.  Dinner were held at Apogee Stadium's Club Level.

UNT Foundation Awards

UNT Foundation Eminent Faculty Award

Randolph Mike Campbell, History

 Mike Campbell

UNT Foundation Faculty Leadership Award

Angela Wilson, Chemistry  Angela Wilson

UNT Foundation Faculty Community Engagement Award

Ruthanne Thompson, Biological Sciences  Ruthanne Thompson

Research Awards 

Distinguished Research Professor

Narendra Dahotre, Material Science & Engineering

 Narendra Dahotre

Distinguished Research Professor

Francis D'Souza, Chemistry

 Francis D'Souza, Professor of Chemistry

Distinguished Research Professor

John Peters, English

 John Peters

Distinguished Research Professor

Yong Tao, Mechanical & Energy Engineering 

 Yong Tao

Research Leadership Award

Thomas Cundari, Chemistry

 Tom Cundari

Creative Impact Award

Lynn Seaton, Jazz Studies


 Lynn Seaton

UNT Teacher Scholar

Lawrence Williams, World Languages, Literatures & Cultures

 Lawrence Williams

Early Career Award for Research & Creativity

Peter Collins, Materials Science & Engineering

 Peter Collins

Competitive Funding Award

Jyoti Shah, Biological Sciences

 Jyoti Shah

Toulouse Scholar Award

Bruce Bond, English

 Bruce Bond

2013-2015 Decker Scholar Award

Angela Wilson, Chemistry

 Angela Wilson

 Teaching Awards 

Distinguished Teaching Professor

Neal Brand, Mathematics

 Neal Brand

Distinguished Teaching Professor

Elizabeth Hayes Turner, History

 Elizabeth Hayes Turner

Distinguished Teaching Professor

Alexander Pettit, English


J.H. Shelton Excellence in Teaching Award

Robert Upchurch, English

 Robert Upchurch

President's Council Teaching Award


Casey Barrio Minton, Counseling & Higher Education

 Casey Barrio Minton

President's Council Teaching Award

Janice Hauge, Economics

 Janice Hauge

'Fessor Graham Award

Andrew Enterline, Political Science  Andrew Enterline

SGA Honor Professor

Ed Blackburn, Studio Art  

SGA Honor Professor

Cynthia Gordon, Communication Studies  Cindy Gordon

SGA Honor Professor

Joseph Klein, Composition Studies  Joseph Klein

Core Curriculum Innovation Award

Wendy Watson, Political Science  Wendy Watson

Outstanding Online Teacher & Course Award


Elizabeth Arnold, Merchandising & Digital Retailing  Elizabeth Arnold

Exemplary Online Teacher & Course Award

Linda Stromberg, Teacher Education & Administration  

UNT Piper Professor Nomination

Neal Brand, Mathematics

 Neal Brand

 Service Awards 

Ulys and Vera Knight Faculty Mentor Award

Bertina Combes, Educational Psychology  Bertina Combes

Provost Citation for Excellence of a Center/Institute

Sue C. Bratton, Director  Sue Bratton

Citation for Distinguished Service to International Education

Floyd McDaniel, Physics  Floyd McDaniel

President's Council Service Award

Marie-Christine Koop, World Languages, Literatures & Cultures  Marie_Christine Koop

Alton Thibodeaux Leadership in Diversity Award

Sandy Magee, Behavior Analysis  Sandy Magee