Teaching Development and Effectiveness

UNT began as the Texas Normal College and Teacher Tr­­aining Institute in 1891. We recognize that effective teaching is at the heart of student success and engagement. Faculty Success offers several resources, tools, and opportunities tailored to enhance your teaching skills and maximize student learning outcomes as we support you in developing community, your capabilities, and your career. We focus on the use and development of skills that increase the application of improved pedagogy and its impact on learners. Our goal is to support advancement toward successful promotion/tenure, annual review, and award receipt. Our programs center face-to-face teaching but include skills applicable to online teaching and learning.

Whether you're a seasoned faculty member looking to refine your teaching techniques or a new instructor eager to explore innovative strategies, we strive to cater to your needs. From interactive workshops to curated teaching guides and best practices, we provide a diverse range of resources to suit various teaching styles and disciplines. We understand that every faculty member faces unique challenges in their teaching journey, and our goal is to provide the support and guidance needed to overcome these obstacles and thrive as educators.

Join us on the journey to excellence in teaching and learning at the University of North Texas. Explore our website, engage with our resources, and let us empower you to unleash your full potential as an educator. Together, we can shape the future of higher education and inspire the next generation of leaders and scholars, because we are better together!

For support related to teaching development and effectiveness contact:

Yolanda Mitchell, Ph.D.
Faculty Director for Teaching Development & Effectiveness

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