About Us

Quality faculty members are the hallmarks of a great university. Their impact on student development and the research enterprise makes faculty one of the most valuable resources on our campus.

Our Mission
We support faculty in developing their professional community, capabilities, and career through holistic learning and development programs, prestigious recognitions, equitable policy development, inclusive networking and mentoring, and transparent communication.

Our Vision: Helping Faculty Soar to Success
Faculty Success will be a center of excellence for developing, supporting, and advancing a diverse and thriving faculty.

UNT associate professor Lee Hughes discusses his experience as a Leadership Fellow during a Faculty Success meet and greet event
Associate Professor and Leadership Fellow Dr. Lee Hughes

Guided by UNT's core values, we strive to be:

  • Equitable and Inclusive – We commit to equitable and inclusive programming, policy review, and support for our faculty and our FS team.
  • Data-driven – We assess our initiatives, our team experiences, and our engagement with faculty and academic leaders to make sure we are meeting their needs. We use data to guide our program development and apply ongoing formative and summative assessments to understand impact.
  • Collaborative and Community-oriented – We engage input to understand faculty needs and support initiatives that develop their sense of belonging.
  • Developmental and Forward-looking – We promote innovative opportunities for faculty to develop new capabilities and to apply their learning.

We encourage you to explore the Faculty Success website for additional information on specific programming or contact our office directly to learn more about the numerous opportunities available to UNT faculty. We are here to foster your success.

Meet the Faculty Success Team

Holly Hutchins, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Faculty Success

Sian Brannon, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Collection Management
UNT Libraries

Angie Cartwright, Ph.D.
Faculty Director
Associate Professor, Counseling & Higher Education
College of Education

Elizabeth Oldmixon, Ph.D.
Faculty Director
Professor, Political Science
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences