Forms and Templates

Forms & Templates 


Faculty Recruitment and Onboarding

Tenure and Promotion:

Faculty Development Leave:

Administrative Appointment Letter Templates

Faculty Flexible Work Arrangement & Out of State Employment

Salaried Graduate Students: 

Faculty Annualized Compensation

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Faculty Departures:

Faculty Leaves and Reductions:

Faculty Tasks and Augmentation:

  • ( VPAA-11B ) Faculty Task/Augmentation Pre-Authorization Request Form — This document MUST be completed PRIOR to any work on the additional assignment and it should be attached to the payroll authorization that is processed to make the actual payment(s).
  • Task Augmentation Certification Form - At conclusion of the task or augmentation period for UNT faculty this form should be submitted to document the completion of work/duties assigned.  

Overload and Course Buyouts:

Endowed Professorships:


Visiting Scholars:

Higher Education Fund (HEF):

Conference and Travel Support:


Counter Offers:

Centers & Institutes

Curriculum and Instruction:


University Leadership Council

  • Custom Research Report Request — To request a custom research service to address a particular problem or question and understand how it has been addressed by other universities

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