Degree in Three 2022-2023

 What is degree in three?
A degree in three is a representation of the 120 credit hour degree program as a three year pathway alternative for students. This option allows you to see how you can complete your degree in an accelerated time period.

What are the benefits of a degree in three?
By decreasing your time to graduation, you will incur less cost and be ready to start your career. Students who participate in degree in three programs are retained at a higher rate and graduate faster.

Is the degree in three for you?
If you have 30 or more credit hours, either through dual credit/AP as first time in college students or as transfer students with community college or university credit hours, you may be eligible for the degree in three. 

Contact your academic advisor if you have specific questions.

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Advanced Honors College Scholar Award
This award is available for transfer and "degrees-in-three" students.

Hours: 12

Minimum GPA: 3.30

1.   HNRS 3500 Thesis Proposal
2.   Honors Thesis (HNRS 4951 or department equivalent 4950/4951)
3.   Six (6) hours from the following:
      a.   1 mentored research experience
      b.   1 Honors contact
      c.    Honors study abroad credit