UNT Requirements

UNT Residency Requirement

  • A major of at least 24 semester hours. At least 12 hours of advanced work (3000/4000 level) in the major must be earned at UNT (except for the BAAS degree).
  • A minimum of 36 semester hours of advanced work, 24 of which must be completed at UNT. Many degrees at UNT require 42 advanced hours, see the college/school degree requirements of your major in the catalog for details. A lower level course that, when transferred, is determined to be equivalent to a UNT upper-level course does not satisfy the requirement of advanced hours. 
  • Twenty-five percent of the university minimum of 120 semester hours (i.e., 30 hours) must be earned in residence

To learn more about residency, visit UNT's Office of the Registrar.