University Core

The university core curriculum is a set of general education courses that you must complete before earning a degree from UNT. The core curriculum ensures that all graduates have a “breadth” of knowledge as well as “depth” of knowledge gained from their major area of study.
You can use the core to:

  • Fulfill pre-major requirements
  • Explore different majors 
  • Take a class outside of your major to gain a breadth of academic experience

Talk to your academic advisor about how you can best utilize the UNT Core. 
The chart below shows each area of the core, and the required courses/hours for each area. 

Communications, Mathematics, Life and physical sciences, creative arts, langauge philosophy and culture, american history, government, social and behavioral sciences, core area options a & B

For more information about UNT's core curriculum, visit our course catalog. You can also view the Texas Common Core Curriculum.