About Your GPA

What is your Grade Point Average (GPA)?

GPA is short for Grade Point Average. Your GPA is the average of all points earned for all the class hours you have completed.

You will have a UNT GPA averaging only UNT classes and an Overall GPA averaging UNT and transfer work. Please be mindful that the GPA impacts honors, financial aid, graduation, scholarships, and your status as a UNT student.

Types of GPA

During your college career, you will find reference to several different GPAs, such as:

  • Semester GPA - The GPA you earned only for the courses you took at UNT for the specific semester
  • UNT GPA (CPA) - Your cumulative GPA for all of the hours you have attempted at UNT (determines academic status). Your UNT GPA does NOT include transfer work
  • Overall GPA - A combination of your UNT and transfer GPA (graduation GPA)
  • Major GPA - The GPA required in your major. Can either be a pre-major GPA requirement to enter the program and/or to graduate from the program