About Your Degree

Elements of the Degree

Degree ComponentsAn undergraduate bachelor’s degree consists of different elements: course work, credit hours, and degree requirements. Many students will build their degree with a major – an area of study – and the university core curriculum. Some students might consider adding on a minor or undergraduate certificate to complement their major area of study. Depending on your college/school and major requirements, you may also have other elective courses you choose to complete to reach the total credit hours for your UNT degree.

Have you seen all the majors, minors, and certificates offered at UNT? To learn more about building your degree, visit our course catalog.

The Fundamentals of the Degree

  • Minimum 120 credit hours, depending on major
  • 42 credit hours of university core requirements
  • Major requirements (varies by major)
  • Minor requirements (varies by major)
  • Electives (varies by major)

Credit Hours

Every course you take is measured by units called credit hours. In most cases, credit hours represent the number of hours each week you are expected to attend each specific class. Most courses are three credit hours, so taking a 15 hour course load means you are in class 15 hours per week. Courses may range from one to six credit hours.

What is Your Major?

 Majors are designed to introduce you to an area of study and help you specialize as you work your way through advanced (3000-4000 level) courses. A major is a primary area of study that may (or may not) relate to your career goals. Your major often reflects your natural talents and the things you enjoy. Not sure about your major yet? That’s okay – we have resources at UNT to help you with this decision.

What is A Minor?

 Minors are like “mini-majors.” They typically require you to complete 18 to 21 credit hours including a minimum of 6 advanced (3000-4000 level) courses. Some majors require a minor, while other students choose to complete a minor based on their own academic interests.

What is an Elective?

 Electives are credit hours necessary to reach the minimum number of total credit hours required for your degree after all other degree requirements have been satisfied. Advanced (3000-4000 level) electives may be required in order to meet the university advanced credit hour requirement. UNT requires a minimum of 42 advanced hours in order to graduate.

**Please visit with your academic advisor to inquire about minors and electives. The situation will be different for every student.**