Prepare to Register

 Schedule of Classes

Review the schedule of classes online. This will include:

  • Course offerings, times and locations
  • Corequisites and recitations
  • Core information
  • Registration appointment schedule
  • The official university Academic Calendar showing university dates and deadlines
  • Dropping and withdrawing deadlines
  • Final exam dates

 Undergraduate Catalog

To learn more about your upcoming semester classes, see the Undergraduate Catalog, specifically:

  • Degree requirements – majors, minors, certificates
  • Course descriptions and prerequisites
  • Policies

 Review Course Descriptions

  • Available through your student center class search and in the UNT Catalog
  • Contains information such as:
    • Credit hours
    • Corequisites – a course or requirement which must be registered for and taken concurrently with another course
    • Prerequisites – a course or requirement that must be completed successfully before enrolling in a course
      • Example: CHEM 1410 (1311). General Chemistry for Science Majors. 3 hours. (3;0;1*) Fundamental concepts, states of matter, periodic table, structure and bonding, stoichiometry, oxidation and reduction, solutions, and compounds of representative elements. Prerequisite(s): MATH 1100 or equivalent. May be used to satisfy a portion of the Natural Sciences requirement of the University Core Curriculum. *This hour is a problem-solving session.

 Meet with Your Academic Advisor

When planning your schedule talk to your advisor about:

  • Your course selections
  • Prerequisites for the courses you plan to take
  • Any AP, CLEP, IB, military or dual credit that you may have earned
  • Future plans: internships, study abroad, transferring credit hours, etc.
  • General university policy questions
  • Information about your degree requirements towards graduation
  • Before your meet with your Advisor, check out the 'Planning your semester' section of the Advising Guidebook
  • Contact an Advising office to speak with an advisor

 Signing Up for Class (Registration)

Once you have completed registration using your “Student Center/Register” you should:

  • Review your schedule to ensure it is complete and all classes have been added
  • Verify that your payment has been posted to your account by the published deadline
  • Confirm you are enrolled for the correct classes frequently during the first two weeks of school and after the census date