Registration Tips

 Course Load

Based on your four-year plan, you will see that it is necessary to register for 15 or more hours a semester and possibly attend summer sessions.

  • Full-time: 12 hours
  • Average course load: 15 hours
  • Maximum hours: 19 hours during fall and spring semesters and 18 hours during the summer semester (see your advisor to determine how many hours you may take in various summer terms)
  • Overload approval is needed if attempting to register for more than 19 hours

 Course Permission Code

  • Required to register for certain courses
  • Contact the department offering the course to receive the permission code
    • Examples: restricted courses to students residing out-of-state

 TSI (Texas Success Initiative) Mandated Courses

If you are not TSI complete, you must meet with a TSI advisor before registering.

  • You must enroll in mandated courses before registering for anything else
  • Check your myUNT ( to see if you have a TSI advising hold
  • Questions about TSI? Contact the TSI Advisors: Sage Hall 170, 940-369-7006,

 Possible Blocks (or Holds) on your account

  • Student Financial Obligation – a hold placed on your account your first semester. It allows you to read through the financial requirements of the registration process. Read and click “confirm” to remove the hold
  • Transcript – a hold placed by Admissions for missing transcripts
  • Advising Required – a hold placed by your advising office, must meet with your advisor and receive 4 digit code
  • TSI Advising Hold - (see above)
  • Meningitis - a hold put in place until you provide evidence of vaccination or qualify for one of the two permissible exceptions


Things to Consider:
  • What time of day do you do your best work?
  • Is the course offered in different time formats?  Remember many courses are scheduled 1, 2, or 3 times a week.
  • In what type of environment do you work best?  Is the course offered online? 
  • Would delaying a certain course this semester put you "off-track" for your projected graduation date?
  • Can you effectively use time between classes: reading your textbooks, studying for a test, or running errands?
  • You need to create a balance between your academic and social lives - both are important pieces to your college experience.
  • Students should successfully complete 30 credit hours each year to potentially fulfill all degree requirements in four years.