University Core

 The university core curriculum is a set of general education courses that you must complete before earning a degree from UNT. The core curriculum ensures that all graduates have a “breadth” of knowledge as well as “depth” of knowledge gained from their major area of study.

This core body of knowledge requires studying language and thought, mathematics, sciences, social and behavioral sciences, U.S. history, political science, visual and performing arts, and humanities. In your core classes you develop important and fundamental skills that will help you be successful in all your classes and will prepare you for your life after college.

For more information about UNT's core curriculum, visit our course catalog. You can also view the Texas Common Core Curriculum.

General University Requirements

  1. A minimum of 120 semester hours.
  2. Completion of all requirements in the university core curriculum (42-hour minimum).
  3. A major of at least 24 semester hours. At least 12 hours of advanced work (3000/4000 level) in the major must be earned at UNT (except for the BAAS degree).
  4. A minor, if required for a particular undergraduate degree, of a minimum of 18 semester hours, including at least 6 hours of advanced work (3000/4000 level). For details, see the individual requirements under specific degree programs in this catalog.
  5. A minimum of 42 semester hours of advanced work, 24 of which must be completed at UNT. A lower level course that, when transferred, is determined to be equivalent to a UNT upper-level course does not satisfy the requirement of advanced hours.
  6. An official degree plan prepared by the academic dean. It is recommended that the degree plan be made no later than the beginning of the junior year.
  7. A minimum grade point average of 2.000 (C) on all work attempted, including all transfer, correspondence, extension and residence work. It should be noted that the GPA that appears on grade reports and is used to determine the student’s academic status, does not include correspondence, extension and transfer work. Thus, a 2.000 GPA on the grade report does not necessarily imply eligibility for graduation.
  8. A minimum GPA of 2.000 (C) on all work at UNT. Transferred work may not be used to raise the GPA of work done at UNT.
  9. Twenty-five percent of the university minimum of 120 semester hours (i.e., 30 hours) must be earned in residence.
  10. A proficiency in English composition. Students must show competence in written expression by receiving credit for or earning a grade of C or better in two general education English courses that have a strong writing component (ENGL 1310,ENGL 1311, ENGL 1313, ENGL 1315, ENGL 1320, ENGL 1321, ENGL 1323 and ENGL 1325; TECM 1312, TECM 1322, TECM 2700 and TECM 2702). Students who have earned a D in one or more of these two required courses must repeat the course and raise the grade to a C or better.
    Students who are transferring to UNT with more than 90 hours and who have earned a D in any of the English writing courses must retake the course during their first term/semester in residence.

College and School Requirements

You must satisfactorily complete all degree requirements specified by the college/school in which the degree is offered. In many instances, there may be college/school/department requirements in addition to the university core requirements. Please see the individual college or school’s advising office in order to determine whether these requirements will be a necessary part of your degree plan.

Individual academic programs may allow courses offered in areas of the university core curriculum to satisfy specific major or college/school degree requirements (typically known as double-dipping).