Academic Services

Computer Labs/General Access Labs

With a valid I.D. you can access computers, laser printers, color printers, color scanners, word processors, presentation software, and an array of adaptive technology.

Foreign Language Placement

GAB 550, 940-565-2404
Tests in French, German, Russian and Spanish are computer-based. Tests in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Latin are done via Scantron.  We now offer both Traditional and Simplified Chinese tests.

Learning Center

Sage 170, 940-369-7006
Provides online tutoring, the Study Skills Lab, Speed Reading, Supplemental Instruction, Volunteer Tutor Program, Learning 101, Connecting for Success, TSI advising and testing, Academic Success Program, Academic Resource Library and referrals to campus resources.


Willis, Media Library, Eagle Commons, Discovery Park, 940-565-2413
Provides print and media resources, study areas, music library, 24-hour computer lab, copy machines, free workshops and other amenities to facilitate your academic success.

Math Placement

GAB 443, 940-565-4045
The purpose of the math placement test is to determine the appropriate first math course for each undergraduate student. The Mathematics Department enforces prerequisites for mathematics courses; before enrolling in one of these courses, you may need to pass a placement test.

Student Support Services/UNT TRiO Programs

Sage Hall 217, 940-565-4754
Offers tutoring in various subject areas, personal and academic counseling, study skills instruction and career planning for students who qualify for this federally funded program.