Media Arts

Page Updated: January 30, 2021

BA Media Arts

  1. Media and research writing
  2. Multi-media content creation/storytelling
  3. Teamwork
  4. In-depth knowledge of media operations
  5. Facilitation of industry standard software/hardware

BA Converged Broadcast Media

  1. TV/radio/broadcast content creation
  2. Understanding and engaging the audience
  3. Applied digital content-broadcast/web
  4. Deadline-oriented decision-making
  5. Management, sales, branding, and marketing

MFA Documentary Production & Studies

  1. Documentary storytelling through cinematic devices
  2. Proficiency in essential components of documentary cinematography
  3. Demonstrate professionalism synthesis theory/production
  4. Documentary producer leadership
  5. Recognize/evaluate diverse cultural documentaries technologies

MA Media Industry & Critical Studies

  1. Understanding media economics and practices
  2. Critical analysis of media industries and cultures
  3. Media organization management
  4. Research-based problem-solving
  5. Presentation ability