Career Readiness

At UNT, we support and promote career readiness throughout a student’s educational journey and after graduation. Identifying skills and understanding available careers can be challenging for students, but UNT is here to support that process. Tools and initiatives include:

  • Career Development Resources: Students, parents, and the general public expect universities to prepare students for life after graduation—whether that is a career, an entrepreneurial venture or graduate school. Students may have difficulty identifying and understanding how their newly acquired marketable skills can translate to the workplace and how to showcase these skills to employers. UNT has made career readiness a priority.  A Get Hired Grad resource page is available for students with key steps they can take to prepare for a post-graduation job.
  • Career Development Embedded in Academic Programs: Beginning in fall 2022, UNT will supplement the student learning experience with a comprehensive, four-year career development program for all incoming freshmen. Students will begin exploring careers of interest, building their resume and developing job search skills in their very first semester at UNT.  Students will be encouraged to identify and document the range of their experiences and marketable skills during their time at UNT, and meaningfully collect, frame, and present them so they are ready to wow potential employers as they search for a career after graduation.
  • Real-world Experiences for Learners: High-impact educational practices inside and outside the classroom are proven to increase learning and the development of skills that employers value and look for in the hiring process. These include service-learning, collaborative learning experiences, first year seminars, internships, and more. UNT encourages these experiences across the curriculum and supports faculty and staff to incorporate experiences into courses and extra-curricular opportunities. 
  • UNT ePortfolio: In addition to the general high-impact practices UNT supports, the university also provides students with an ePortfolio or a digital record of the work they have completed. Students who build ePortfolios with evidence of their learning and why their coursework equips them for future careers will retain access to this tool following graduation. Faculty and staff work together to build the ePortfolio into learning experiences like senior projects and capstones, major learning opportunities and events, and more to help students build this repository across their academic journey and to support their ability to showcase employer-valued skills during interviews and as a part of job application processes.

UNT’s goal is to provide learning experiences that will develop and support our next generation of leaders as they progress through their educational journey.  High-impact learning experiences, coupled with career development, will prepare every student for success after graduation.