Mentoring Grant Program

The Mentoring Grant Program provides financial support for full-time faculty across all ranks. During the spring semester, a call for proposals is publicized and faculty members are encouraged to apply for individual or team grants. These grants are designed to help faculty gain institutional knowledge, support teaching and/or research efforts, develop professional networks, and promote diversity. 

Micro Mentoring Grant Exemplars                       Team Mentoring Grant Exemplars

                2019-20                                                                      2019-20

                2018-19                                                                       2018-19

                2017-18                                                                       2017-18

                2016-17                                                                       2016-17

                2014-15                                                                       2014-15

                2013-14                                                                       2013-14

                2012-13                                                                       2012-13

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The UNT Mentoring program is based on the successful work of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Center for Teaching & Faculty Development. For more information, please visit their website at Mentoring Resources.