Counseling and Higher Education

Page Updated: January 30, 2021

MED/MS Counseling

  1. Higher order thinking
  2. Oral and written communication
  3. Professional conduct and ethical behavior
  4. Multi-cultural/diversity competencies
  5. Self-awareness of inter/intrapersonal relationships

MED Higher Education

  1. Use and critique theory for advocacy purposes
  2. Knowledge application and integration
  3. Design and evaluate effective educational interventions
  4. Leadership ability
  5. Design/use assessment results to inform for improvement

PhD Counseling

  1. Application of theory to practice
  2. Pedagogical practices
  3. Leadership promoting social advocacy/community engagement
  4. Evidence-based clinical skills
  5. High quality research and dissemination

PhD/EdD Higher Education

  1. Assess, develop, implement, and evaluate strategies
  2. Advanced oral and written communication
  3. Resource management of people, physical/financial assets
  4. Produce and use theory-driven research/practices
  5. Multi-cultural/diversity competencies