Merchandising and Digital Retailing

Page Updated: July 19, 2020

BS Retail

  1. Analyze consumers' omnichannel experiences
  2. Apply strategic decision processes to retail
  3. Integrate merchandising, digital, and operational processes
  4. Develop consumer-centered business strategies
  5. Utilize analytical tools with quantitative data

BS Merchandising

  1. Quantitative analysis of merchandising strategies
  2. Oral and written communication
  3. Analyze target consumer behavior
  4. Teamwork
  5. Apply fashion product knowledge

BS Digital Retailing

  1. Consumer theories/strategies in omnichannel
  2. Teamwork
  3. Effectively use industry technological applications
  4. Multi-cultural/diversity competencies
  5. Basic research methods

BS Home Furnishing Merchandising

  1. Creative problem-solving
  2. Identify furnishing/home accent product trends
  3. Oral and written communication
  4. Adjust work outcomes based on feedback
  5. Apply global influences on home furnishings consumer

BS Consumer Experience Management

  1. Develop seamless, personalized experiences
  2. Consumer insight data analysis/visualization
  3. Develop strategies that optimize consumer experiences
  4. Create value for consumers
  5. Develop strategies across consumer industries

MS Merchandising

  1. Research presentation
  2. Articulate merchandising theories, principles, and practices
  3. Merchandising capabilities
  4. Application of appropriate research methods
  5. Solve complex problems through independent inquiry