Academic Affairs 2020-2025 Strategic Priorities

The University of North Texas has embarked on a five-year strategic plan that challenges the UNT community to work collaboratively to enhance opportunities for student success, create an even more inclusive and engaging campus community, and expand scholarly impact.  Achieving the strategic goals will prepare UNT graduates to thrive in a rapidly changing world and enhance UNT’s reputation as an innovative Carnegie Tier 1 research university.  

Academic Affairs must put forth a creative and collaborative effort to achieve the vision set out in the strategic plan.  Over the next five years, faculty and staff will contribute to the creation of a caring UNT community that fosters an engaging learning environment, encourages success, and is welcoming to all.  To that end, the following priorities will guide the work of Academic Affairs as we strive to achieve the 2025 goals.   

Student Empowerment and Transformation

UNT seeks to empower and transform our students in their educational and social environments to set them up for lifelong learning success.  A pathway to success begins the moment a new student accepts their admission to UNT and then continues beyond graduation.  Academic Affairs has identified the following priorities to empower and transform students:

Priority 1:
Creating Engaging and Supportive Learning Environments

An engaging learning environment leads to improved student outcomes.  Faculty and staff in academic affairs will develop and implement innovative practices to improve student retention and success in multiple modalities.  Activities will include opportunities for engaging, innovative, high-impact and research-based pedagogy in the learning environment as well as proactive student support and advising services. As a minority serving institution, Academic Affairs is dedicated to ensuring pathways to success for all students. 


Priority 2:
Improving Student Completion and Success

Academic Affairs will foster a culture of success by providing opportunities for UNT’s diverse students to persist and complete their degree on time.  A culture of success will be supported by degrees that prepare students for a changing world; pathways that promote timely graduation for first time in college, transfer, and nontraditional students; course schedules to accommodate students’ needs; and pedagogy designed for different learning styles.


People and Processes

UNT will attract new talent, while developing, and celebrating our campus community members to further enrich our working and learning environment.  A caring community is a place where people are respected, included, recognized, and appreciated.  As the most valuable resource at UNT, students, faculty and staff in Academic Affairs will be encouraged and supported to achieve their academic and career goals.

Priority 3:
Cultivating a Caring Community

Academic affairs will cultivate a caring and welcoming environment where students will flourish and feel safe to learn and express themselves.  The academic community has a commitment to providing professional development opportunities for advancing careers, creating an equitable and inclusive community, and promoting academic excellence.


Scholarly Activity and Innovation

UNT strives to support, communicate, and celebrate a dedicated culture of scholarly activity at UNT to expand UNT’s innovative impact for our students and our community.  As an emerging tier 1 research university, UNT has established itself as a leader for innovation and research. 

Priority 4:
Advancing R-1 Status

UNT has achieved Tier 1 status with aspirations to become internationally recognized.  Academic affairs will support faculty to further their efforts in scholarly research, collaborations, and external awards to advance UNT’s R-1 status.