Dr. Michael McPherson

Office of the Provost
940-565-3952 | Michael.McPherson@unt.edu

As Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Michael McPherson is responsible for the main mission of the institution, including teaching, research and professional service as carried out by its academic programs and services. Dr. McPherson handles budget allocations for the schools, colleges, libraries, and academic support areas, and provides leadership in the development and supervision of programs, including changes in curriculum, degree programs, and organization, in conjunction with the deans and representatives of the faculty. He provides leadership in the implementation of effective planning in academic affairs, ensures leadership and excellence in academic degree programs and support units. Dr. McPherson represents the academic interests of the university in off-campus activities as designated by the President and acts for the President in his absence.

Vice Provosts

Lisa McIntyre

Student Success
940.565.4259 | lisa.rodrigue@unt.edu

  • Academic Integrity
  • Strategic Retention
  • Curriculum Process Support
  • Waitlists and Adding Sections
  • Academic Advising
  • Chair Development and Support
  • Learning Center
  • Evaluation of Teaching
  • Undergraduate Curricular Services

Holly Hutchins

Faculty Success
940.565.3987 | Holly.Hutchins@unt.edu

  • Academic Policy
  • Early-Career Faculty Support (e.g., mentoring, CREATE program)
  • Faculty Affinity Group Support
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Faculty Recognition & Awards
  • Faculty Search Committee Training
  • Faculty Workplace (incl. exit & climate surveys)
  • Leadership Development
  • Teaching Portfolio

Brandi Everett

Academic Resources
940-565-3951 | Brandi.Everett@unt.edu

  • Academic budgeting
  • Instructional Fee administration
  • Differential tuition
  • Faculty job posting
  • Faculty offer letters
  • Faculty pay administration
  • Academic task payments and augmentations
  • Faculty startup commitments
  • Faculty Information System (FIS)
Victor Prybutok

Victor Prybutok

Graduate Education
940-565-3946 | Victor.Prybutok@unt.edu

Pia Wood

Pia Wood

International Affairs
940.565.4951 | Pia.Wood@unt.edu

Additional Leadership

Tim Christian

Academic Technologies
| Tim.Christian@unt.edu

Lisa Maxwell

Student Success
940-565-4317 | Lisa.Maxwell@unt.edu