Regents Professor Award


Award Description

The purpose of the Regents Professorship Award is to provide recognition for faculty at the rank of professor who have performed outstanding teaching, research and service to the profession, and who have achieved a high level of national and international recognition. The award consists of the designation “Regents Professor” and a one-time supplement of $7,500 added to the base salary. Up to five awards may be made per year to the most qualified candidates. An individual who retires from faculty status while holding the designation of Regents Professor shall receive the designation of Regents Professor Emeritus.

2020 Nomination Guidelines


Submission Process

All nominations for awards to take effect on September 1, 2020 should be submitted using the Salute to Faculty Excellence Awards Nomination portal. Here is the link: If you have any questions please contact Annie Garcia at or (940) 565-3987.



All completed nomination packets must be received by the Office for Faculty Success by October 25, 2019. See the Call for Nominations for specific details.


Selection Process/Eligibility

Nomination for the designation of Regents Professor shall be made by the department chair and submitted to the school or college dean. A candidate’s nomination should be based upon evidence of excellence of performance over his or her entire academic career, particularly upon evidence of sustained excellent performance since promotion to the rank of professor. Nominations shall be forwarded to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs from the Dean of the school or college with an accompanying letter of evaluation. Nominations will be reviewed by the Regents Professor Selection and Review Committee and nominees receiving support by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs shall be recommended to the President for consideration by the Board of Regents. Only the Board of Regents may award the designation of Regents Professor.

To be eligible for this award, an individual must be a full-time tenured professor, have a distinguished record of teaching, research and service to UNT and to the profession, and a high level of national and international recognition; and demonstrate evidence of the potential for continued distinguished performance.


Full list of Regents Professors

Year Faculty Member Department
2018-2019 Narendra B. Dahotre Materials Science and Engineering
2018-2019 Susan Dubois Instrumental Studies
2018-2019 Krishna Kavi Computer Science and Engineering
2017-2018 Rajarshi Banerjee Materials Science and Engineering
2017-2018 Mark Ford Instrumental Studies
2017-2018 Su Gao Mathematics
2017-2018 Debbie Rohwer Music Education
2016-2017 James Meernik Political Science
2014-2015 Jeff M. Allen Learning Technologies

Nandika Anne D'Souza

Mechanical & Energy Engineering
2010-2011 James Kennedy Biology
2010-2011 Jerry McCoy Conducting & Ensembles
2010-2011 Angela Wilson Chemistry
2009-2010 Sam Atkinson Biology
2009-2010 Kent Chapman Biology
2009-2010 Richard Rogers Psychology
2007-2008 Bruce Bond English
2007-2008 Mary Karen Clardy Instrumental Studies
2007-2008 Ana D. Cleveland Library & Information Sciences
2007-2008 Thomas C. Cundari Chemistry
2007-2008 Gerald Knezek Learning Technologies
2007-2008 T. David Mason Political Science
2007-2008 Adam Wodnicki Keyboard
2007-2008 Su Gao Dean, College of Science
2005-2006 Miguel Acevedo Geography
2005-2006 Cathleen Norris Technology and Cognition
2005-2006 Brian Bowman Instrumental Studies
2004-2005 Jeffrey Bradetich Instrumental Studies
2004-2005 David W. Hill Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation
2004-2005 Paul Marshall Chemistry
2004-2005 Pamela Paul Keyboard
2004-2005 Linda Di Fiore Vocal Studies
2004-2005 Stephen C. Jackson Mathematics
2004-2005 Warren Watson Management
2002-2003 Donald Little Instrumental Studies
2001-2002 Jeffry Kelber Chemistry
2001-2002 James Morrow Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation
2001-2002 William Scharnberg Instrumental Studies
2000-2001 Victor Prybutok Information Technology and Decision Sciences
2000-2001 Eugene Corporon Conducting and Ensembles
2000-2001 Harlan W. Butt Studio Art
2000-2001 Witold Browstow Materials Science
1999-2000 Perinkolam Chandrasekaran Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Law
1995-1996 Guenter Gross Biology
1995-1996  Allen Jackson Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation
1993-1994  Richard Grady Lowe History
1990-1991 Herman Totten Library & Information Sciences
1989-1990 Lyndal Bullock Education Foundations
1988-1989 C. Steve Guynes Information Technology and Decision Sciences
1987-1988 Randolph Campbell History

For more information about this distinguished honor, please read the UNT Policy.