Conference Support and the (CREATE) Program

Conference Support and the (CREATE) Program


UNT is committed to helping early-career tenure system faculty reach their potential as scholars and creators in their disciplines and to helping them move quickly to trajectories that will lead to success throughout their careers. Beginning with those starting their probationary periods with the 2015-16 academic year, early-career faculty may qualify for two specific forms of support through the Office of the Provost:

Conference Support

Assistant professors may apply for a $1,000 grant to participate in a top national or international conference, performance, or showcase venue most relevant in his or her field. This award is to be used during either the second or third year of the new faculty member’s appointment. The faculty member will be expected to make a presentation of suitable nature in his or her field (i.e., a talk, performance, gallery show, etc.) at the venue and show evidence that new networks and collaboration have been created. Those receiving conference support are required to complete a brief report about the experience within 4 weeks of returning from it, and to submit this to the Office for Faculty Success.

Eligibility requirements are for all assistant professors who are in their second or third years. Ongoing participation in the mentoring programs of UNT's Office for Faculty Success is expected. Please complete and return the application at least two months prior to the conference.


Instructions for Utilizing Conference Support Funds

Report Form

Creative and Research Enhancement Activity Time for Engagement (CREATE) Program

The purpose of the CREATE Program is to facilitate the development of new networks and collaborators for new assistant professors and to enhance their scholarly productivity. Upon successful completion of the midterm review new faculty will be eligible to apply for a $4,000 award. In most cases, this award should be used for travel and other related expenses for scholarly or creative activity with a new collaborator at an institution (e.g., academic institution, laboratory, industry facility related to one’s field of inquiry, etc.) outside the DFW area. Faculty members will typically spend at least 4 weeks with a new collaborator at the new collaborator’s institution; the hosting institution should not be the faculty member’s doctoral-granting institution. The CREATE awards are intended to foster a broadening of scholars’ horizons. CREATE awards are not intended for teaching or service activities.

Should the host institution be among the top 20 institutions in the faculty member’s field, an additional $1,000 of support will be provided.

Faculty members who participate in the CREATE program will be required to submit a brief report on their activities within a month of returning. A second report that presents evidence of scholarship resulting from the award must be submitted within 12 months of returning. Such evidence may include but is not limited to books, performances, journal articles, and proposals.

Eligibility: Assistant Professors hired for the 2015-16 academic year or later who have successfully completed their midterm reviews. Ongoing participation in the mentoring programs of UNT's Office for Faculty Success is expected. Please complete the application at least two months prior to the start of the proposed activity.


Instructions for Utilizing CREATE Funds

Initial Report Form

Final Report Form