Brittany's Tips for Student Success

What is your favorite place or thing to do on campus? Why? 
My favorite place on campus is Sycamore Hall. This is where the Mayborn School of Journalism is located, and where I earned my master’s degree here at UNT. I spent many hours there and it holds a dear space in my heart. Sycamore Hall also has its own library, public and private study spaces, as well as great resources to aid in your research needs. It is also centrally located near the student union, so you are close to the bookstore, multiple food options, and central student offices.  

What advice do you have for students at UNT?
Keep going! It will get tough at some points – life, classes, friends – but keep going! You can make it through your collegiate years and be successful as well. Find an organization or group that you are interested in and join! UNT has over 100 student organizations and one is sure to pique your interest. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help; either from your academic advisors, the UNT Counseling & Testing Center, your professors, or another trusted person. Asking for help is completely normal and should not be looked down upon.

What advice do you have for prospective UNT students?
First, YAY! You are looking at a top-tier university that holds a vast array of opportunities; academically, socially, and professionally. Since UNT is so large, you may feel as though you might get lost in the shuffle of everyday life – but fear not! UNT has over 100 student organizations and one is sure to pique your interest. Second, take some time to explore the UNT web page to see all that the university offers. From on-campus living, academic and athletic events, to study-abroad opportunities, there is sure to be something for everyone – You must take the time to find where you fit in best!

What is the number one resource you recommend to UNT students?
One of the best resources on campus is The Learning Center! The services provided by The Learning Center are top-notch and range from Math and Writing labs to academic coaching, and even one-on-one tutorials. There is sure to be something or someone who can assist you if you experience difficulties in a course along the way.

What is your favorite quote?
Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created. – Esther 4:14