Alex's Tips for Student Success

What is your favorite place or thing to do on campus? Why?

My favorite place on campus is the Library Mall Fountains. It’s such a peaceful spot for relaxing, studying, or meeting up with friends!

What advice do you have for students who are undecided in their major?

Research, research, research!  Look into the majors we offer here at UNT and research the classes you’ll take for that major. Check out potential career options that this major might lead to.  Don’t forget self-exploration; what are your interests, skills, and values?  How do they align with your chosen career/major option?  Collect your research and use it to guide your major and career decisions throughout your time here at UNT.

What advice do you have for prospective UNT students?

First-year students- use the core to explore! Don’t panic if you’re not certain about your major choice yet.  Using the core courses to explore different classes and topics you are interested in is a great way to help pick your major!

Transfer students- utilize our UNT transfer guides! These guides are a great way to make sure that the courses you are taking will transfer in to your major.

What is the number one resource you recommend to students who are exploring majors?

Our UNT Exploring Major’s website! We have tons of resources on our website to help in all phases of the exploration process, including self, major, and career exploration!

What is your favorite quote?

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new" - Albert Einstein