Toulouse Scholar Award


Award Description

The Toulouse Scholars Award is designed to recognize the excellent teaching and scholarly/creative achievements of members of the University of North Texas faculty and thereby honor the distinguished contributions of Robert B. Toulouse to the university. Any faculty member may nominate a colleague they believe meets the criteria.


Selection Criteria

The primary purpose of the Toulouse Scholars Award is to recognize excellent teaching and scholarly/creative achievement. The recipient clearly should have the potential to make further contributions in both areas.


Selection Committee

The selection committee will be composed of the elected faculty representatives of the Graduate Council, representing each of the eight Senate voting groups. The vice provost of the graduate school will preside over the committee, voting only to break a tie. The selection committee will conduct a preliminary screening of nominations to ensure that the minimum criteria are met. The committee may request access to departmental records concerning any nominee's performance both as a scholar and teacher, and to records in the Office of Research and Economic Development concerning the nominee's grant history.


Selection Process

Nominations may be made by any UNT faculty member and should include a nominating letter and vita. Nominating letters should demonstrate the nominee's qualifications for the award through evidence of outstanding performance in teaching at the undergraduate or graduate level and scholarly/creative activity, and the nominee's potential for future distinguished achievement.


Award Amount

The awarded faculty member will receive $2,000. Award recipients may use designated funds at their discretion to enhance or further their research activities.



Nomination letter and nominee’s current vita must be submitted by October 25, 2020, to Yvette Whitworth, Program Project Coordinator, Toulouse Graduate School for consideration by the selection committee.

All full-time, tenured faculty members who are full members of the Graduate Faculty and who are not previous recipients of a Toulouse Scholars Award may be nominated. It was the intent of the Toulouse Scholars Fund Raising Committee to ensure that over time, the Toulouse Scholars Award would be made to outstanding individuals from a variety of academic areas. Thus, this award cannot be given to faculty members who belong to the same voting group district for three years following the effective date of the award. Therefore, only faculty members from Groups I, IV , V, VI, and VIII may be nominated.

Additionally, this award cannot be given to faculty members in the same department for five award rounds. Thus faculty in the Chemistry, Political Science, Geography and the Environment, Computer Science and Engineering, Music Education departments may not be nominated.


Toulouse Scholars • All Toulouse Scholars

Year Recipient Department
2019-20 John Peters English
2018-19 Francis D'Souza Chemistry
2018-19 John Ishiyama Political Science
2017-18 Steve Wolverton Geography and the Environment
2016-17 Saraju P. Mohanty Computer Science and Engineering
2015-16 Debbie Rohwer Music Education
2014-15 Audhesh Paswan Marketing and Logistics
2013-14 Bruce Bond English
2009-10 Angela Wilson Chemistry