Research Leadership Award


This award is given to a full-time University faculty member whose research excellence and leadership at UNT has made substantial contribution to their respective discipline and achieved national and/or international recognition.  The receipient receives a prize of $5,000, a plaque commemorating the achievement, and recognition at variousl university venues. 

Selection Process/Eligibility

Any full time tenured or tenure track faculty member who has been with the university for at least  five (5) years and has not won the award in the past three (3) years is eligible to be nominated by one or more UNT faculty or administrators. Nominations are evaluated by a panel of UNT faculty and administrators who make recommendations to the Vice President for Research and Innovation and the Provost. 

Visit the Office of Research and Innovation for further information.

Past Recipients

Year                Faculty Member              Department
2018 Jincheng Du Materials Science and Engineering
2017 Marco Buongiorno Nardelli Physics and Chemistry
2016 Ram Dantu Computer Science and Engineering
2015 Armin Milker Computer Science and Engineering
2014 Jane B. Huffman Teacher Education and Administration
2013 Thomas Cundari Chemistry
2012 Nandika D'Souza Mechanical and Energy Engineering/Materials Science and Engineering
2011 Angela Wilson Chemistry
2010 Wes Borden Chemistry
2009 Kent Chapman Biological Sciences