UNT Piper Professor Nominee


This prestigious award honors ten (10) professors from throughout Texas during the current academic year for their dedication to the teaching profession and superior teaching ability at the college level. Although the purpose of these awards is to provide recognition to the teaching profession, the selection committee will also consider factors such as research, publication, administration and related activities. Each award recipient will be honored with a certificate naming him/her “Piper Professor” of the year, a cash honorarium of $5,000, and a gold commemorative pin.

Selection Process/Eligibility:

Under the current Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation guidelines, each institution may submit only one nomination. The Faculty Awards Committee reviews nominations and makes a recommendation to the President for approval of the selected candidate. The candidate for the award must be a full-time instructor. Nominations are taken in early fall, with the official announcement of award recipients made in May each year by the Piper foundation. For information about how to apply for this year’s award, please review the following:

Eligibility and Requirements

Nomination form

The selection criteria, requirements and application form can be found at the Faculty Senate website.

Additional information from the state comptroller’s office concerning the award, please visit:


Past Recipients (red type indicates individual reveived a Piper Professorship):

Year Faculty Member Department
2019 Andrew J. Torget History
2018 Michael Thompson Philosophy & Religion
2017 John Ishiyama Political Science
2016 John Quintanilla Mathematics
2015 Smita Mehta Educational Psychology
2014 Michael McPherson Economics
2013 Neal Brand Mathematics
2012 Janice Hauge Economics
2011 Carol Wickstrom Teacher Education and Administration
2010 Francisco Guzman Business
2009 Julia Bushkova Instrumental Studies
2008 Pamela Harrell Teacher Education and Administration
2007 Kimi King Political Science
2006 Mariela Nunez-Janes Anthropology
2006 Carol Wickstrom Teacher Education and Administration
2004 Audhesh Paswan Marketing and Logistics
2002 Frank Feigert Political Science
2001 Margie Tieslau Economics
2001 James Roberts Physics
1999 Donna Ledgerwood Management
1996 Gloria Cox Political Science
1988 Donna Clevinger Dance and Theatre
1980 Anshel Brusilow Music
1973 Ruth Anderson Business
1969 Clovis Morrisson Government (now Political Science)
1965 Helen Hewitt Music