'Fessor Graham Award

Award Description:

This award is named for the late Professor Floyd Graham and is presented by the Student Government Association to a faculty member for outstanding service to students.  This award is the highest honor given by the student body. The award is presented each year at the Honors Day ceremony as well as the Salute to Faculty Excellence dinner and ceremony


Only professors are eligible for this award. Professors will be judged on teaching excellence, outstanding service to students, and publications or scholarly work in the past year.

Selection Process:

Students may nominate a professor by filling out this form, also available on the SGA website. Each nominated professor will be notified of their nomination and allowed to accept their nomination of this award. A committee of students will then review the accepted nominations and select the ‘Fessor Graham recipient and the SGA Honor Professor Award recipient.

Link to Nomination form: http://bit.ly/SGAaward


The deadline for nominations by students is February 1st at 5:00PM

Award Recipients:

Year Faculty Member Department
2019-2020 Pending  
2018-2019 Jeannette L. Ginther Teacher Education and Administration
2017-2018 Julie Leventhal Educational Psychology
2016-2017 Brenda Sweeten Social Work
2015-2016 Michael Thompson Philosophy and Religion
2014-2015 Bethany Blackstone Political Science
2013-2014 Brian Lain Communications Studies
2012-2013 Andrew Enterline Political Science
2011-2012 Shahla Ala'i-Rosales Behavior Analysis
2010-2011 Armin Mikler Computer Science and Engineering
2009-2010 Gloria Cox Political Science
2008-2009 Lyndal Bullock Education Psychology
2007-2008 Donna Ledgerwood Management
2006-2007 Dee Ray Counseling and Higher Education
2005-2006 Kimi King Political Science
2004-2005 David Hill Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation
2003-2004 Brian Bowman Music
2002-2003 Richard Tas Merchandising and Hospitality Management
2001-2002 Thomas Sovik Music
2000-2001 Gladys Crawford Biological Sciences
1999-2000 William Waller Biological Sciences
1998-1999 Juliet Getty Merchandising and Hospitality Management
1997-1998 P.R. Chandrasekaran Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law
1996-1997 Donald Chipman History
1995-1996 Ann Windle Education
1994-1995 Norris Fox Education
1993-1994 Robert LaForte History
1992-1993 Kenneth Godwin Political Science
1991-1992 Fred Hamilton Music
1990-1991 Valerie Martinez Political Science
1989-1990 Dan Haerle Music
1988-1989 Ernest Crystle Foreign Languages and Literatures
1987-1988 Richard Wells Journalism
1986-1987 John Gossett Communication and Public Address
1985-1986 J.B. Spalding Business
1984-1985 Lee Knox Geography
1983-1984 John James Haynie Music
1982-1983 Jerry Lee Yeric Political Science
1981-1982 David Fitch Business
1980-1981 Douglas Starr Journalism
1979-1980 Tommie Collins Lawhon Education
1978-1979 Umesh Banerjee Biology
1977-1978 Anshel Brusilow Music
1976-1977 T. Bullock Hyder Economics
1975-1976 Milan Reban Political Science
1974-1975 Ben Chappell Speech Communications
1973-1974 Leo Estrada Sociology
1972-1973 Charles Foster Business
1971-1972 James Riddlesperger Political Science