Explore Self-Knowledge

As you begin the exploring majors process, take some time to think about all the things that make you who you are:

  • What is your personality type? (are you more introverted or extroverted? Do you prefer taking charge or taking direction? Are you more creative or structured?)
  • What are your interests? 
  • What do you value? (making a difference, stability, creativity, flexibility, being a leader, etc.)
  • What skills come naturally to you? Which ones require more effort and practice?

Knowing these things about yourself is an essential first step on your path to the major that fits you best. 

Tools for Exploring Self-Knowledge

These links can help you with this exploration process. They include assessments, exercises and some great UNT resources. 

Personal Mission Statement: This worksheet helps you to describe who you are as a person and to identify your purpose. The personal mission statement can be a great tool when considering the kind of work you want to do later on in the exploring majors process. Keep your personal mission statement in mind as you begin to narrow down your major options. 

The Decision Making Process: Do you have trouble making decisions? Use this worksheet to understand how you make decisions and what factors affect your decision making process. 

MyPlan.com Assessment: A free computer-based test that helps you assess your skills, interests, personality, and values. 

Counseling and Testing Services (940) 565-2741, Chestnut Hall, Suite 311: Counseling and Testing Services offer individual career counseling, various personality assessments, and personal counseling to assist you in exploring self-knowledge and helping you through the process of finding your best-fit major at UNT. Being undecided can feel confusing and discouraging, so we encourage you to take advantage of any of the Counseling and Testing services you may need.

UCRS 2100 Career Development Course: Register for this one-hour Pass/No Pass elective. Course assists undecided majors and others who wish to clarify their career goals in exploring their interests, abilities and values, and in relating these to academic, personal and career choices. Talk to your advisor if you would like to add this course to your next semester's schedule. 

My Next Move: Research what you want to do for a living by keywords, industry areas, or by taking a quiz

Exploring Majors Advising Session with the Office of Advising Services: We are here for you through every step of the exploring majors process. Schedule an advising appointment with us to talk through the process. We'll provide information on UNT's majors, resources, and a helpful space to talk through your process. 

Exploring Majors Workshop: Attend a one-hour exploring majors workshop for more information on how to choose your best-fit major. 

Next Step: Research Majors