UNT’s faculty information system (FIS) is a web-based faculty productivity tool powered by Digital Measures that is used to collect, manage, and report faculty teaching, research, and service activities, along with other professional accomplishments. All UNT instructors of record have an FIS profile. In 2017-18, the faculty annual review process was facilitated through the FIS. In 2018-19, tenure and promotion will be facilitated through FIS. FIS is also used to generate internal and external reports for accrediting bodies, state and federal agencies, and to meet legislative mandates such as HB 2504. Faculty enter data into their profile through my.unt.edu. Faculty public profiles are available on UNT’s website.

There are several FIS resources below. If you have FIS-related questions, please email faculty.info@unt.edu or call 940.369.6108.

Tenure & Promotion Workflow »

UNT recently purchased FIS Workflow to automate the tenure and promotion process. This workflow automates personnel actions sequentially by placing each step of the process on an automated scheduler that routes the action to its next step electronically, thereby negating the need for paper processing. Tenure & Promotion Workflow will be used for both the tenure and promotion and annual review cycles in 2018-19.

We have provided a number of resources specifically for faculty and administrators involved in the Tenure & Promotion workflow.

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