Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

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UUCC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Chair: April Prince

Administrative Chair: Brenda Kihl

Mid-year Report

Annual Report


The University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UUCC) is comprised of:

  • 18 faculty members approved by the Faculty Senate: two faculty members representing each Faculty Senate voting group plus two at-large faculty members;
  • three students selected by the Student Government Association;
  • the deans of those colleges and schools that offer an undergraduate curriculum or their designees;
  • the dean of the library or his/her designee;
  • a member of the Oversight Committee on the Core Curriculum (OCCC)
  • the registrar; and
  • designee of the Office of the Provost (also serving as co-chair).

All faculty members must have experience dealing with curricular issues at the department or college/school level within the previous three years of their election to the UUCC.

The following restrictions shall apply to the selection of committee members: (1) no more than one faculty member may be elected from any sub-unit within a Faculty Senate voting group; and (2) the three student members shall represent different areas of study.

Terms: The term of a faculty member of the committee shall be three years with a second three year term available. The term of student members shall be one year.

 * Indicates second term

  • Group I: Laetitia Knight (WLLC) - Term Ends 2023
  • Group I: VACANT (Eliza Au 2021)
  • Group II: VACANT (Donna Arnold 2021*)
  • Group II: Brea Henson (LIBR) - Term Ends 2023
  • Group III: Haifeng Zhang (MEE) - Term Ends 2023*
  • Group III: Bibhudutta Rout (PHYS) - Term Ends 2023
  • Group IV: Jessica Craig (DCJ) - Term Ends 2024*
  • Group IV: VACANT (Glen Biglaiser 2021*)
  • Group V: Ann Afflerbach (HTM) - Term Ends 2023*
  • Group V: Tina Mims (MLOM) - Term Ends 2022
  • Group VI: Kelley King (TEA) - Term Ends 2023
  • Group VI: Lauren Kelly (EPSY) - Term Ends 2023
  • Group VII: Matthew Painter (SOC) - Term Ends 2023
  • Group VII: Justin Watts (RHS) - Term Ends 2023
  • Group VIII: Scott Tixier (MUJS) - Term Ends 2024
  • Group VIII: April Prince (MUHT) - Term Ends 2022*
  • Group At-L 1: Doug Campbell (LIBR) - Term Ends 2022
  • Group At-L 2: Kimberly Tweedale (ENGL) - Term Ends 2022
  • OCCC Representative: Rebecca Weber
  • Student 1:       Peyton Jackson
  • Student 2:       Tommy DeJesus
  • Student 3:       VACANT

Administrative Representatives:

  • VPAA Designee:                   Kimberly Faris
  • CHPS Designee:                   Lauren Mathews
  • CLASS Designee:                 Eddie Meaders
  • COB Designee:                     Anna Sidorova
  • COE Designee:                     Brian McFarlin
  • COI Designee:                       Katie Crowder
  • COS Designee:                     John Quintanilla 
  • CMHT Designee:                   Christy Crutsinger 
  • CVAD Designee:                   Denise Baxter
  • ENG Designee:                     Nandika D'Souza
  • JOUR Designee:                   Kim Keller
  • MUSIC Designee:                 Kirsten Broberg
  • HONORS Designee:             Rafael Major
  • LIBR Designee:                    Laurel Crawford
  • NC Designee:                       Shari Childers
  • REGISTRAR Designee:       Monique Scales
  • Advising:                              Lisa Maxwell and Mike McKay

Voting rules:

  • All 18 faculty members approved by the Faculty Senate are voting members.
  • Student members will be non-voting members.
  • The registrar and the OCCC representative will be a non-voting ex-officio member.
  • Deans and their designees that have full or part-time administrative appointments will be non-voting ex-officio.
  • Designees who are full time faculty members or librarians will be ex-officio voting.
  • The administrative co-chair will be non-voting.


There shall be a faculty Chair who shall be elected by the voting members of the UUCC at the September meeting of the committee. The Office of the Provost will designate an administrative co-chair who will facilitate the work of the committee by gathering and presenting documents for meetings and other preparatory functions and serve as the convener of the committee.  


I.  Undergraduate Curriculum Review

The UUCC is the primary institutional faculty body that oversees and reviews curriculum from an institutional perspective.  The UUCC helps ensure that the University’s curriculum and the processes and procedures by which it is reviewed and approved are consistent and appropriate.  In its work, the Committee is concerned with the academic integrity of the institution and the quality of course and programmatic offerings.  The oversight and review roles recognize that the university’s academic programs are diverse and that this diversity will be reflected in their curriculum. 

The UUCC helps ensure that the University “places the primary responsibility for content, quality, and effectiveness of its curriculum with its faculty” as required by SACS-COC.

The UUCC will:

  • Develop and implement specific procedures for the evaluation of courses and programs from an institutional perspective for inclusion in UNT's curriculum. 
  • Make recommendations in a timely manner to the Faculty Senate’s Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate so that decisions regarding the curriculum follow appropriate processes and meet relevant deadlines.  This ensures predictability and consistency for academic programs planning for implementation.

II.  Administration

The UUCC will:

  • Work with all appropriate Faculty Senate committees and other leadership bodies across campus on changes and improvements to UNT's curriculum.
  • Review and renew the committee charges in keeping with changes to reporting, compliance, or internal calls for improvement or other modifications.
  • Report to the Faculty Senate on decisions made and issues arising in the oversight and review of the curriculum.

Charges 2015-2016:

  • Establish official definitions for university curricular terms.
  • Create more flowcharts/documentation for curriculum and program approval processes.
  • Work with Oversight Committee on the Core Curriculum to develop curriculum website
  • Work with Registrar’s Office to promote calendar for catalog submissions.
  • Have annual retreat with OCCC and Registrar’s Office to review procedures, deadlines, and other business.

UNT Curriculum Home: http://curriculum.unt.edu/

Curricular Proposals: Unt.curriculog.com