Student Success

Dear Faculty and Staff,  

With students back on campus, we are in a unique position to guide them to work toward success. Students see faculty as the most trusted academic achievement resource they have, partnering with them in this process. Today I want to provide you with a few ways to make a difference for student progress this semester. 

Enter Grades in Canvas 
As an HSI/MSI, a sense of belonging in the learning environment is critical to our students’ success. One easy and effective way to do that is to let students know if they are meeting expectations early in the term. Include opportunities for graded assignments and submit these grades through Canvas. In addition, faculty can use Navigate (UNT’s centralized student support platform) to view important student details, including complete academic history, so that instructors and advisors have a comprehensive understanding of students’ needs. To access this information, visit the Navigate platform. If you’re new to Navigate, or need a refresher, take the Navigate Training for Faculty course in Bridge.
Student Success Resources
At UNT, we believe faculty are the heart of student success. I’m excited to announce the launch of three new student success resources:

  1. Student success messaging and QR codes on classroom computers: Resources will be scrolling on the topics of wellness, class success, engagement opportunities, and financial health. I encourage you to reinforce this information during your classes to increase student success.
  2. Student Retention Resources website: A new website has launched, focused on sharing student success ideas for faculty. Consider incorporating and sharing these ideas in your classroom and check back often for new ideas.  
  3. Succeed at UNT: Let students know that the website Succeed at UNT has resources and success stories specifically for them, including information on advising, the Academic Success Center, mental health resources, money management, ways to get involved in campus life and more. Encouraging students to seek assistance is not a sign of weakness, but a vital piece of their overall success in the learning environment. 

Proposals and Awards 
Retention and award nomination proposals will launch later in the semester. These will allow colleges to strategically improve student retention and document best practices they have implemented to increase student success. Included in these proposals will be possibilities for student retention collaborations across two or more colleges or departments, across a college and a student service area (e.g., Learning Center, First-Generation Success Center), and/or across two teaching modalities. Colleges also can propose a retention effort for their most at-risk populations. Finally, an award for colleges that are improving their college-level retention will be presented. Look for these opportunities in early October.

A new semester always brings a level of excitement and renewed focus for our students to turn their passions into careers of their dreams. I know that with these resources and new programs, we are equipped to ensure student success and welcome them back to continue their education through commencement. Thank you for being at the heart of our students’ success pathways! 

Michael A. McPherson, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs