The UNT Male Alliance for a Rigorous, Transformative and Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning (MARTIAL) is a small community of young men who share an interest in the historical and cultural experiences of African American males in the United States.  Students also choose to work towards academic excellence in their chosen fields of study while living, learning, and leading together in Rawlins Hall.  

LIVE TOGETHER.  Build a tightly knit, scholarly community in Rawlins Hall, one of UNT’s newest and most popular residence halls.

LEARN TOGETHER.  Pre-enroll with other MARTIAL Eagles in two 3-hour courses including a freshman seminar elective designed to enhance academic skills and introduce students to the thematic component of the community:  African-American Male History Through the Lens of Music.   Students will engage in workshops centered on various strategies to enhance academic performance, learn more about the resources available at UNT, and participate in lively discussions on hot topics.  

LEAD TOGETHER.  Develop leadership skills in preparation for active participation as leaders in campus activities and organizations.  Selected participants will  have the opportunity to network with other African-American students, staff, professors, and industry leaders.  All will receive mentoring and coaching from program staff and upperclassmen UNT students.


UCRS 1850 - First Year Seminar

In keeping with our focus on music and the Black male experience, every two weeks, students selected a song that best reflected where they were mentally and emotionally and posted a short reflection along with lyrics in an online journal.  At the end of the semester, students created original works – their own songs/poems/instrumental pieces that reflected their overall experience in the first year here at UNT.  This video is one example of how students demonstrated their creativity. "Welp, College" was written by Aaron Spencer, Computer Science major.