Welcome to the UCAN Mentorship Program! 

As a mentee, you will benefit from the professional knowledge and experience of a UCAN mentor who has been in advising or counseling role at UNT for at least two years. Together, you can address questions you have about advising as a profession and the University of North Texas. 

The goals of this program are: 

  • To foster professional mentoring relationships between new UCAN members and experienced advisors and counselors at UNT which focus on providing support, guidance, and resources. 
  • To provide helpful resources to staff as they learn about the advising community at UNT. 
  • To connect staff to the advising community at UNT through UCAN and university involvement. 
  • To connect staff with professional development opportunities at UNT, regional and national advising associations. 

This mentorship program is recommended for advisors and counselors new to the profession or to the University of North Texas after they have completed departmental training. 


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact UNTAdvising@unt.edu  

We hope you enjoy and prosper from this professional mentorship program!