Human Resources (HR)

Page Updated: August 19, 2021

Human Resources is broken up into several different areas that handle different aspects of Human Resources.

Hiring and Recruitment:

Staff - Talent Acquisition

All information for preparing and publishing a job vacancy as well as interviewing and hiring is located on the Posting a Position pageInterview Process and Quick Reference Guide for hiring are all located on the HR system website.

Faculty/Adjuncts - Academic Resources

The People Admin system assists departments in faster processing of employment information, more detailed screenings of applicants, and to monitor the status of an applicant through the hiring process. Faculty Hiring System Departmental User's Guide, Faculty Hiring step-by-step and Adjunct Hiring step-by-step guides assist administrators through the detailed process.

Forms related to Faculty Hiring

Forms related to Adjunct Hiring

Other Faculty Information

Student Positions - Career Center


Compensation is managed by the HR area of Total Rewards. Here you can find FLSA Guidelines in both English and Spanish, as well as longevity pay amounts.

Staff information under Total Rewards:

For Faculty Supplemental Compensation is handled through Academic Resources in the Office of the Provost.

(VPAA-11B) Faculty Task/Augmentation Pre-Authorization Form

(VPAA-11C) Endowed Professor/Chair Additional Pay Request

Task Augmentation Certification Form - required at the conclusion of a task or augmentation period.


HR Benefits can assist employees - both Faculty and Staff with questions regarding Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance Plans.

Employee assistance program and perks are also associated with HR Benefits.

Staff and Faculty Leave:

Retirement and Termination:

Campus HR can assist with the Termination process. Faculty Resignation Acceptance Template and the Staff clearance or exit form should be completed at termination. The Off-boarding process is for both staff and faculty.

The Faculty departure checklist must be completed for all departing faculty members.

Termination ePARs should be processed in the system to remove employees from Payroll. For Faculty termination ePAR questions contact Academic Resources.

Retirement Information: