Sep 27

Provost Deadline
Applications for 2020-21 faculty development leave* due to Academic Resources

Nov 22

Provost Deadline
Recommendations for spring 2020 modified service* due to the Academic Resources

Mar 02

Provost Deadline
Memo sent to deans/chairs for 2020-21 modified service* requests

Apr 01

Provost Deadline
Notifications sent out by colleges/schools for non-tenure track reappointments and non-renewals

Apr 06

Provost Deadline
Recommendations for fall 2020 modified service* due to the Academic Resources


Academic Resources

The Academic Resources Department at the University of North Texas supports the operations of the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs by providing administrative services relating to academic and salaried graduate student compensation, position management, faculty recruitment and onboarding, faculty credentialing, and faculty records management.

We strive to provide creative solutions and efficient problem solving for faculty and staff while maintaining compliance with all University, State, and Federal guidelines.