TSI Summer Bridge Program

2022 TSI Summer Bridge Program

UNT’s TSI Summer Bridge Program offers all newly admitted first year students the opportunity to skip their developmental math course and become TSI Complete in math prior to the fall semester.  

TSI Summer Bridge Program is offering a second session the summer, July 11th- August 12th.

  • Fully Online: Spend the 5 week summer program completing the EdReady platform designed specifically for your math needs fully online. You’ll work remotely with a caring team of math experts to help you along the way.

Determining which version of the Bridge Program to apply for: 

Review your TSI Assessment math score report. You should see a 3 digit CRC score ranging from 900-949 and a diagnostic score of 1-6. For the Bridge Program, we are reviewing your diagnostic score. 

  • Diagnostic score of 1-3: You are not eligible for the July session of our Summer Bridge program.
  • Diagnostic of 4: You will apply for the Fully Online program.
  • Diagnostic of 5: You qualify to take a TSI version of your college level math in the fall. The Summer Bridge is designed to skip developmental math, so you would not qualify.
  • Diagnostic of 6: You are TSI complete!  

The Summer Bridge application is now closed.