Class Concierge 

How we can help you:

If you’re a senior (90 or more hours) experiencing institutional roadblocks preventing you from a timely graduation, then the Class Concierge service is here for you.

What is an Institutional Roadblock?

  • Time conflicts between required courses
  • You’re waitlisted for a required course that you need to graduate and it’s preventing you from graduation.
  • Advocacy will not be granted if conflict is created by personal preference or circumstance.

UNT and the Class Concierge service wants to help achieve your goal of graduation as quickly as possible

UNT is dedicated to helping you earn your bachelor’s degree.

Before requesting assistance:

1. Complete all required prerequisite courses pertaining to course that is problematic.

2. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your situation before submitting Application for Assistance.

3. Complete the Application for Assistance and email it to the Class Concierge.  Applications will close 1 week prior to the start of a new semester.

You will be contacted by phone or email within three business days.

If you know other seniors who could benefit from this service, please spread the word. We want our students to achieve their dreams with a UNT degree.

Contact information:
Sage Hall, room 110