Discover Careers

Taking the time to explore your career options can bring a lot of clarity to the exploring majors process. Use this step to make important connections between potential majors and your future career. And remember, vary rarely does your major define your career, so don't be afraid to think outside the box!

MyPlan - Use this assessment to match careers and majors with your personality, skills, values, and interests. 

Career Center: (940) 565-2105 Sage Hall, Suite 202: Meet with a Career Development Specialist, view job opportunities by major, and learn about networking opportunities like career fairs and job shadowing opportunities. 

O*Net - This national database is searchable by career or major and shows skills, work environments, tasks, salary, and education requirements for many occupations. 

Internships - Get relevant experience in the field that you are studying. Internships can be coordinated independently or through the UNT Career Center  Some UNT majors will require an internship. 

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