Summer School Compensation

The major priority in determining which courses to offer during the summer should be responding to student needs, while maximizing semester credit hours (SCHs).  Because we wish to ensure that student needs are being met, we will hold funds beyond your initial budget allocations which will be made available if extra sections are needed to meet demand and you don’t have adequate resources to address the needs.  At the same time we are working to achieve robust enrollments, we must strive to offer courses at a reasonable cost. 

Faculty Summer Compensation

Study Abroad Compensation

Faculty-led study abroad programs are coordinated through Global Learning and Experience, including the setting and agreement of operational budgets and logistical arrangements. Study aboard is located under special project compensation in the Faculty Compensation Guide. It is the responsibility of Global Learning and Experience, in consultation with chairs and deans, to determine whether a faculty-led study abroad program with low enrollment will be offered or canceled. Information for faculty interested in leading a faculty-led study abroad program, including deadlines for program proposals, is available at UNT International.

Additional Faculty Compensation Questions:

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Brandi Everett, Vice Provost for Academic Resources, at 940-565-2496 or, or Patricia Rodriguez, Director of Academic Personnel, at 940-565-3953 or