Should I Drop?

Before dropping, ask yourself these questions:

  • When are the drop deadlines? What are the procedures?
  • Have I met with my advisor and instructor?
  • Have I utilized any of the academic resources?
  • How far behind am I on my assignments and assigned readings?
  • What kind of grades have I earned so far on assignments? On quizzes? On exams?
  • How many more chances do I have to earn a grade in this particular course?
  • How has my attendance been in this particular course?
  • Will I lose my financial aid eligibility if I drop this class?
  • Is this a pre-requisite or a co-requisite for another course I need?
  • How many times have I taken this course at UNT?
  • How many courses have I dropped?
  • What is my status with International Admissions?

Talk to your instructor and academic advisor; they are there to support your success. Consider what changes you can make yourself to improve your academic performance.