Frequently Asked Questions - Administrators

Below are Frequently Asked Questions about the Office of Academic Integrity for administrators: please click on each question to see its answer. If you have any additional questions, please email

An Academic Integrity Officer will provide access to original case documentation as well as supplemental information from the Appeal Filing. Upon receipt of this information, the department chair has 10 business days to complete a review and determine an Appeal Finding. The Academic Integrity Policy allows for the creation of an ad hoc committee to evaluate the evidence and submit a recommendation to the department chair, who will then submit a final Appeal Finding within 5 business days. All department chair decisions are final. More detailed information can be found in section C of the Student Academic Integrity Policy


The faculty, administration, and students all have had input on the formulation of Student Academic Integrity Policy (UNT Policy 6.003). The university has deemed academic integrity a value intrinsic to education and to the validity of a UNT degree. During the formulation of the policy, it was determined that department chairs (or a committee they appoint) were the appropriate people to handle Academic Integrity violations.

Yes. The policy allows for the department chair to request a written statement from the instructor, gain additional information, or meet with any individual involved in the Appeal case. We understand this may be time consuming; however, it is beneficial to obtain additional information from both the instructor and student prior to issuing a finding.

The forms are located at Use the Academic Integrity Violations-Appeal Finding form for each individual appeal.

Make sure the correct student email address is present in the Appeal Finding form. Please be aware that many internet browsers auto-fill email fields, so you may have to change the email address to the student’s. Additionally, a box at the bottom of the form should REMAIN SELECTED in order to send a pdf copy to the email address listed in the form. Both of these steps are necessary to ensure accurate submission of the student’s copy of the Appeal Finding.