Adjunct Recruitment Process

Adjunct Instructors are vital to the success of the teaching mission at the University of North Texas. The University is committed to offering competitive compensation and benefits packages to our Adjunct Instructors

The Adjunct Instructor recruitment process at UNT is designed to provide fast processing of employment information, deliver up-to-date access to information regarding job postings, and allow for more detailed screenings of Applicants' qualifications. The system can be used to view applicants to your postings and change and monitor the status of an applicant through the hiring process.

Job Codes

The adjunct recruitment and employment process is used for the following non-student instructional personnel classifications:

  • Job code 0700-Adjunct-instructor of record
  • Job code 0708-Adjunct 8 week assignment-instructor of record
  • Job code 0710-Adjunct Assistant-assistant to the instructor of record, assigned to a specific course for duties such as grading and tutoring
  • Job code 0770-ESL Adjunct-teaching select Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) courses in communication and writing/grammar
  • Job code 0703-PhD Student Mentor-mentorship of PhD students during their tenure in a PhD program

Compensation plan

An Adjunct Pay Schedule has been created to ensure appropriate compensation for adjunct instructors.  The rates on the pay schedule were determined based upon market data from comparable research institutions and academic disciplines.  Salaries below the minimum or above the maximum salary rate will require that a justification be attached to the ePAR.


All instructional faculty (including part-time and adjunct instructors) are required to meet the faculty credentialing guidelines established by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).  Required documents include an official transcript of the highest degree earned and a current C.V., which must be on file with the academic department or college as well as the Office of the Provost to meet accreditation requirements.  Undergraduate syllabi must be stored in the Faculty Information System.  A VPAA 132 form (Faculty Certification of Credentials) should be on file with the Office of the Provost for all instructional faculty.  Individuals who do not possess the required credentials to teach their assigned courses, will require submission of  a credentialing course matrix and narrative justification to the Office of the Provost for review and approval before courses may be assigned.

Process for Hiring a New Adjunct Faculty

  1.  The department should complete the Adjunct Recruitment Request Form  and then the Academic Resources team will create the posting in the North Texas Career Portal for the department chair to review and approve.
  2. Once candidates have been reviewed and the selection process has concluded, the department will create the offer letter using the Academic Resources template and then send it to Academic Resources for approval. 
  3. Adjunct initial offers will be sent through the North Texas Career Portal by Academic Resources. This will ensure timely credentialing, background checks, onboarding, and processing. Department should not send the adjunct the offer letter.
  4. Once the adjunct candidate accepts the offer, the criminal history check and onboarding will begin. Once cleared to hire, the department will be notified, and the department will process the hire ePAR.

The PageUp System is used to post jobs on and also on InsideHigherEd, HigherEdJobs  , LinkedIn, and Indeed to generate a larger pool of qualified candidates for adjunct appointments.

NEW Process for Returning Adjuncts effective Fall 2024

Adjuncts who worked the previous long semester, if continuing to teach in the same department, can be returned from Short Work Break (“SWB”) status via an Employee Change (“Empl Chg”) ePAR (without applying to a posting) as long as they are fully credentialed, have most current transcript on file with us and (if applicable) have completed their review in compliance with policy.

Process Steps:

  1. Academic Resources will provide a spreadsheet of adjuncts one month following the census date of each long semester of eligible adjunct faculty to rehire though this process for the subsequent long semester and/or summer.
  2. The department creates the offer letter using the Academic Resources template for adjunct offers and provides the letter to the adjunct to review, sign, and return to department.
  3. Department will attach the signed offer letter to the Empl Chg ePAR.  
  4. No need to send ahead of time to Academic Resources.
  5. Academic Resources will then review and approve ePARs based on offer letter and spreadsheet information.

*Academic Resources will provide a guide and process overview, as well as materials/info (such as spreadsheets with adjunct info), for each semester’s hiring cycle. 

**Note that adjuncts not returned via ePAR will be terminated when the mass termination process runs for the semester.  

Hiring Process


Departments should utilize the following strategies:

  • Establish an appropriate screening process upfront.
  • Utilize an applicant screening checklist or candidate rating form to ensure the selection process achieves a solid structure.
  • Consider all qualified candidates
  • Fair Screening and selection includes being:
    • Consistent
    • Non-discriminatory
    • Objective
    • Selecting the best qualified candidate(s)

Adjunct Offer Letter Templates

Offer Letter Template
8-Week Offer Letter Template

New Employee Orientation

  • Orientation is mandatory and must be completed within the first 30 days of employment
  • The orientation session will automatically be available on canvas once onboarding is complete.
  • Adjunct will login with their EUID and password, then select the orientation course
  • For technical assistance contact CLEAR at or 940-369-7394

Length of Appointment

Adjunct Instructors are appointed on a semester by semester basis, according to the chart posted below in the Payroll Processing section.  The rate of pay is calculated on a per course basis.

Payroll Process

Each semester (fall, spring, summer) Academic Resources conducts trainings on payroll processing that includes information about ePARs for Adjuncts.  Please see our training page for the most current training.

Payroll dates for ePARs by semester

Semester Semester dates Payroll Dates (ePAR Dates) FTE (for 3 SCH)
Fall 2023 08/21 - 12/15 09/01 - 01/15 25%
Fall 8W1 08/21 - 10/13 09/01 -10/31 50%
Fall 8W2 10/16 - 12/15 11/01 - 01/15 50%
Winter Session 12/18 - 01/12 12/18 - 01/31 50%
Spring 2024 01/16 - 05/10 01/16 - 05/31 25%
Spring 8W1 01/16 - 03/09 01/16 - 03/31 50%
Spring 8W2 03/18 - 05/10 04/01 - 05/31 50%
Maymester 3W1 05/13 - 05/31 06/01 - 07/15 50%
Summer 5W1 05/20 - 06/21 06/01 - 07/15 50%
Summer 10W1 05/20 - 07/26 06/01 - 08/31 25%
Summer 8WK 06/03 - 07/26 06/01 - 07/15 50%
Summer 5W2 06/24 - 07/26 07/16 - 08/31 50%

Contact Information

For questions regarding the Adjunct hiring process, please email us at