Annual Evaluation, Reappointment, and Return to Full-Time Academic Status

Annual Evaluation

The dean and departmental faculty will evaluate chairs annually, as appropriate in the corresponding areas of administration and related service, teaching, and research/creative activities and in accordance with the bylaws of the department, school, college and university policy. Based on the faculty evaluations and their own assessment, the dean will make final recommendations for merit and salary adjustments, if available, for the chair on an annual basis. Refer to UNT Policy 06.007 (Annual Evaluation and Reappointment of Academic Administrators) for additional information.


If the chair and dean mutually agree on a reappointment, the dean initiates a comprehensive review in the fall semester of the reappointment year of the chair’s term of service. For chairs hired during an off-cycle (e.g., January, June, or August), the tenure begins September 1 of that year. The review will include a chair’s self-evaluation of the unit’s achievements and goals. This evaluation will be reported to the departmental faculty, staff, and the dean. The review process must also solicit faculty and staff input on the chair’s leadership abilities and accomplishments. Feedback from departmental faculty and staff must be collected in a way that preserves anonymity and addresses suggestions for improvement. The dean, or dean’s designee, will use the self-evaluation, faculty and staff inputs, and other evaluative reports made available through the Faculty Senate in preparing the final report and making the reappointment decision. The dean will meet with the candidate to share the results of the comprehensive report and indicate specific actions for continuous improvement if a reappointment is made.

Deans, on their own initiative or as a consequence of a request by the departmental faculty, can institute an interim review. If an interim review is requested, the comprehensive assessment including a self-evaluation, faculty input, and dean’s assessment also is required. When a chair decides not to continue in the position, no reappointment review is required.

Conclusion of Service

Unless a reversion salary was stipulated in the chair's offer letter, the reversion salary for a chair returning to full-time faculty is the 9-month equivalent of the 12-month administrative base, plus any adjustments (e.g., merit, market), which may have been applied to the base academic year salary during the term. The administrative supplement for a chair will not carry forward in the base salary. Refer to UNT Policy 06.009 (Tenured Administrators Returning to Full-Time Academic Status) for additional information. A tenured Chair retains tenure rights.